Weighing Belts

The MS Weighing Belts are used to dose the powdered or granulated material with capacities between 300 & 15.000 Kg/h.

Double rod extraction truck

Manfredini & Schianchi Paddle Extractors are mounted under raw material storage silos for emptying them or otherwise under loading hoppers in the event that the material is already ground.

Vibrating channels

Vibrating – extracting ducts are extraction and feeding devices for raw materials stored into silos or hoppers. Oscillations wideness and frequency, managed by vibrators which are fixed to the ducts, are chosen among a range or records able to satisfy the mechanical needs of machines and of products to be processed. Product forward – feed speed varies, according to variations of oscillations wideness and frequency, in this way it is possible to adapt different capacities to different needs.

Paddle Extractors

The double rod extraction truck is suitable for the feeding of lump like or big sized material coming from quarries, for those machines that need a constant capacity (conveyor belts, mill, elevators ect.).