The New Green Tile Technology – Sustainable Ceramic for a Better Future

In the last decade, we witnessed the development of innovative solutions that utterly decomposed and rebuilt their own value from the base to the top, driving and shaking industries and markets alike.

Possibly, the greatest innovation of these last years is the introduction of the concept of sustainability even in industries with a sturdy traditional character. Sustainability is what links the social world (consumers and people) to the economic sphere, that’s products and services the most. Given reasonable and compelling social issues, the environmental responsibility a company decides to take on will define its next 10 years of profitability and life.

The ceramic industry needs to identify more flexible and valuable solutions to be a part of the “New Green Deal”: today production processes require massive amounts of energy and emissions, bear high costs and have reached an inner local maximum (that is in fact a “nadir”), flattening profits and marketing inputs.

“Everybody is talking about sustainability, but we are engineering and delivering what will truly be the one out of many.”

Today, the ceramic world needs to embrace new sustainable solutions that can attract customers. Indeed, new generations of customers are fully aware about the role they have in supporting the transition to a better future. More sustainable ceramic products are real and they need to be aware of that.

A 3D rendering of a 100% fully sustainable large format ceramic tile.

Fusion Tech’s Sustainable Edge

FUSION® Tech is not just an ecologist’s good intention: it is the most efficient technology currently available to produce ceramic clay.

We believe that becoming sustainable, that paying attention to the environment, shouldn’t be a sacrifice. Actually, it should be acknowledged and rewarded. 

That is why we developed that not only will reward your commitment to the environment, but it will also improve and maximize your production.

Just a few of the effects of the implementation of FUSION® Tech in your manufacturing: 

  • Consistent reduction of thermal energy and no more need for atomizers;
  • Strong reduction of water consumption;
  • CO2 emissions offset;
  • More productivity and flexibility;
  • Better dough quality;
  • Possibility to reduce the industrial ovens temperature in the following process stage.

Do you want to improve your production process?

With FUSION®, we want to set new sustainability standards for the mixing phase and the overall tile industry. 

We want to leave an impact on the ceramic industry sector, enabling different opportunities for producers to provide their production chains with the first truly sustainable clay.

But most importantly, we would love to hear from like-minded people that want to take part in the transition to a more sustainable future and industry.

Write to us or call us whenever is best for you. We are always available when it comes to improving our world – and your business!