Helping the environment while spending less: a true FUSION® win-win

It’s true: the luxury ceramic industry segment goes way back in time, especially if we consider the Italian manufacturing and market. 

The longstanding tradition behind the production of luxury, high-quality ceramic products of companies such as ours has been passed for generations even before the Italian nations existed.

However, craftsmanship and industry – although traditional – is also renowned to be always in search of the best, most convenient production processes, to be always looking to improve and upgrade, especially when this helps companies cut on costs and production times.

That is why at MS Greentech we developed FUSION® dry production technology, a new sustainable processes to cut on energy and water consumption while keeping the same high quality levels pursued with the latter 20 years tech research and development .

Ceramic production today

As of today, the luxury ceramic tiles segment still requires a counterintuitive and deeply energy intensive process based on atomizers.

To guarantee the expected planar and resistance degree required by bigger formats of tiles, the powder (a mixture of natural materials) has to be first sprayed with water and then dried, using a huge amount of thermal energy.

This process is carried by the atomizers.

Since 2007, no more efficient or sustainable technology has even been considered to improve such consumption levels. The only steps taken to upgrade the energy performance are “incremental” solutions and process stress designs such as:

  • Atomizers geometry optimization;
  • High-efficiency electric engines;
  • High-efficiency burners;
  • Powder suppression solutions in the exhaust chimney.

MS Greentech’s Solution

To tackle the high levels of consumption and the incredible impact that the production of ceramic tiles has on the environment, MS Greentech developed a proprietary technology: FUSION®

“FUSION® is overtaking 20 years of design and efforts and setting a new sustainable standard.”

FUSION® allows tile manufacturers to produce high-quality products without having to compromise on environmental sustainability and to cut massively on their consumption and related costs through the possibility to treat clay and natural mixtures by means of dry production and to proceed to more sustainable grinding and granulating processes too:

  • Consistent reduction of thermal energy;
  • No need for atomizers;
  • Strong reduction of water consumption;
  • CO2 emissions offset;
  • More productivity and flexibility;
  • Better clay treatment;
  • Reduction of industrial ovens’ temperature for the consequent production stages.


MS Greentech’s goal is simple: we want to keep sustainability as the main goal without compromising on progress and potential improvements for the industry.

The green revolution might have started, but if no one believes in it, it will die out. We can’t let this happen. That is why we aim at the large adoption of new frameworks, technologies and production processes to:

  • Improve the sustainability of each of our clients, cut on the consumption of resources and material and create shared environmental values;
  • Allow our clients to cut on costs related to the current high energy consumption and to improve and accelerate their processes, earning a higher margin and keeping the same quality levels. 

Helping the environment while spending less and earning more: a true win-win.Call us today for an assessment of your processes and machinery or to further enquire about FUSION® and its technology.